Winter 2016

Welcome to my website.  I'm a flutist and a flute and piccolo repair technician based in Florida.

I serve the flute community in the following ways:

1.   I can work on your flute or piccolo to make it  play, sound, and feel better.  Please visit  Repair Prices  to learn how I improve your instrument, and feel free to read the References page to see what previous clients have said about my work.  Also read the Guest Book to the right to read what recent clients have to say.  I do COA's (clean, oil, adjust-- a yearly service)  repads and complete overhauls.   I only work on a few instruments per week, so contact me to to find out what my work schedule is like.   Please read this article if you would like to learn more about  Checking Your Instrument's Condition .

2.  I buy used flutes and piccolos, repair whatever needs work, and sell them.  Customers buy these instruments from me because after I've worked on a used flute or piccolo, it  plays, sounds, and feels as if it were of much higher quality.     

I was trained to work on handmade flutes.  I use these same techniques  on the flutes I sell  (see Used Flutes)  and the results are astonishing.   I like to imagine I take a "Volkswagon Beetle" and make a "BMW" out of it!  

I offer a trial period and one year warranty on the instruments I sell.   See Used Flutes and Used Piccolos to get an idea of prices and what I try to keep in stock.   

My clients include professionals, college students, hobby players, adult and young beginners, and men and women who want to return to the flute after years away from music.  So far, I've repaired or prepared instruments for flutists in 45 out of 50 of the United States, and also in Canada, Mexico, Japan, Australia, Italy, Curacao, New Zealand, Sweden and France.  

Click here if you'd like to read more About Me  and Flutestar, my  flute and piccolo repair business.

Thank you for visiting my website.  I'd be happy to hear from you via email with any comments or questions you may have. 

Nancy Shinn
    Flute & Piccolo Services
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 Nancy Shinn, Flutist
Flute & Piccolo Repair Technician
Certified Straubinger Pad  Tech.

cell phone:  828-712-9038
Email me for shipping address


B.A. in Music,  Queens University, Charlotte, NC 
M.S. Biology, Univ. of NC at Charlotte, NC
M.M. Flute , Western Carolina University, NC

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