Flutestar Flute and Piccolo Repair 


The problem with giving an absolute price is, it isn't fair to most people.  Every flute is different and will need varying amounts of work or repair.  I will keep track of the time I spend on your instrument and charge at my hourly rate ($60  per hour).  If I think the amount of work is going to be significantly above the prices stated here, I will contact you before going ahead.  

 Again, these are APPROXIMATE PRICES:  

Student flutes (closed holes, silver plated, C foot 
with adjustment screws)    ...........starting at .........  $140

Student piccolos (silver plated or resin)................... $140

Intermediate flutes  (silver or silver plated, 
open hole with adjustment screws)  .......................  $200

Intermediate piccolos, wood with silverplated 
mechanism .............................................................. $200

                                    Hourly rate:  $60


Before you mail your instrument contact me and I'll put you on my work schedule.  Call me at my cell/shop phone, 828-712-9038, or email me to get an appointment.

. make sure your flute isn't banging around loose inside the case when you shake the case; put something like paper towels or small bubble wrap inside the case if needed to stabilize the flute
. put your name, phone and email address inside the flute case
.  wrap the flute case in big bubble wrap and then put it in a box big enough to put a couple of inches of styrofoam peanuts all around to cushion it.
.  I usually charge $20 to ship your flute back to you, I've never had trouble with the mail but if you want to insure it there will be an additional cost.

  Here is what I do for a clean, oil, and adjust

. remove dust, dirt and light tarnish from the instrument body 

. check the headcork to make sure it's not leaking air and replace it or wax it as needed

. check and correct the tenons' fit 

. disassemble the instrument and unpin the key sections, cleaning out the old oil and replacing it with fresh oil

. shim pads  so that the instrument pads seal with a light touch.   If your instrument is in bad condition (i.e. needs more than 2 or 3 pads shimmed), I would contact you before I do more shimming.  Shimming is time consuming, meticulous work (my polite way of saying a lot of shimming will run up the cost of the COA)  but it's what makes the difference between a great playing instrument and a leaky, fuzzy sounding instrument.   I do NOT clamp keys to seat the pads to the tone holes. 

. I correct all the adjustments

. correct spring tensions

.  remove lost motion, correcting key heights

.  play test the instrument 

. if I find anything else I can correct that will help make your flute play better I will contact you to ask your permission to do the work. 


Contact me:  Nancy Shinn, phone 828-712-9038 or to email me click here.